The Future of Electric Vehicles Is Here Today!

ETS offers all forms of electric scooters, electric bikes. Our electric scooters are the most diverse and our electric bikes are exceptional of quality for the price. An electric scooter or electric bike is the best way to promote an environmentally safe form of transportation. Whether you are commuting to the train, work, getting around town, ETS products are the perfect transportation solution!

As a leader in electric transportation, ETS believes that electric scooters and electric bikes are a perfect transportation solution for a clean commute.

The electric golf carts are sleek and stylish. In addition, our electric golf carts are fun, cool looking and perfect for getting around the golf course, park, planned community, large property, estate or industrial park.

The mission of ETS is to provide environmentally safe electric transportation and renewable energy consulting services for a Clean, Green Environment.

ETS also offers consulting services on renewable energy so that all of the electric scooters, electric bikes, electric golf carts and all electric vehicles one day can be Emission and Oil Free!

That is why Electric Transportation Solutions stands for the idea of a Clean, Green Environment and a motto of: Pollution Free, Oil Free, It's Good to Be Free!

The best part is that an electric vehicle will only cost cents to charge, so you reduce your energy costs per mile!

Also, electric vehicles and renewable energy are the most environmentally safe way to promote transportation.

ETS looks forward to your business and hopes that you will check out all of our products. Their warranty plans are linked on each page for each product.

To make things simple, if you would click on the links for electric scooters, electric bikes, electric golf carts and renewable energy consulting services and you will be immediately directed to that page.

They are the leader of electric transportation and the clean commute!

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